When hiring a cleaning company

When hiring a cleaning company, be sure to consider the following, not the obvious.

1. Does the company offer a GUARANTEE of services?

2. Are there “crews” or a “cleaning lady”

3. Are their products safe for your children and pets? allergies?

4. If you feel the price is high, it probably is.  There are differences between paying an expensive price for cleaning and paying an expensive price for cleaning, honesty, dependability, accountability, and a close relationship with your “cleaning lady”.

5. How long have they been in business?  Do they speak fluent english?

6. After considering these things, try calling It’s Simply Clean at 410-490-4175. Or email us at itsimplyclean@yahoo.com   We provide all the cleaning, peace of mind and dependability that you need.

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Spring is near!

Time to break free from the grips of winter and enjoy the freshness of spring!!  Don’t waste your time in the sun cleaning your house when it can be Simply Clean.  Serving MD’s Eastern Shore since 2007. “You’ll be happy, it’s that simple!”

Contact me for our discounts & specials.  Need an immediate response?  Please email Jill at itsimplyclean@yahoo.com

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Always competetively priced, always great service always simply clean!

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Your Experiences with Cleaning Companies

Do you or have you ever had a cleaning company or person clean your home or office?  Please share your expeiences here.  Tell what you liked what you did not like.  The things that annoyed you and those you appreciated.   Do you still use them?  If not, would you ever have your home professionally cleaned again?   I find your input valuable and helpful in keeping my customers happy  Thank you for your time.

Come on, ask me!

Perhaps you don’t mind cleaning your house yourself.  If that is the case, I can help you decide which products are best for your specific needs.  Along with, share with you the products I always keep a ready supply of.

Cleaning Questions

Many of us have areas in our home that have some sort of stain that you just can’t get rid of.  Let me help!  Tell me about your stain problems and I will attempt to give you an answer you have never attempted!

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